Monday, January 31, 2011

Ecstacy of Decay №1: Your Mortician

ECSTASY OF DECAY №1: Your Mortician from Angeline Gragasin on Vimeo.
Riveting video on the duties of a mortician
P.S. Think before you click...not gory or gross but.....

Cable Car Cable Grind + Skis + Chute

What is this called..air jibbing...tower grinding....oh right, suicide
Looks awesome though


slayshTank Pro Rider Colton Voswinkel

slayshTank Pro Rider Colton Voswinkel from slayshTank: The Riders Coalition on Vimeo.

Colton riding hard in a vicious looking Texas puddle


Paranoid Driving

Apparently there are 2 types of folks. Dummies that don't know when they're being f'd with, and people that are really paranoid.


Enhance, Enhance, Enhance.....

My wife loves theses crap forensics shows. I spend the whole show calling BS and saying "No, it doesn't work like that".


Best clarinet kid eva


A Much More Realistic SOTU

If this guy (or gal) is still teaching, (s)he is the best person in the world


Remi Cart

Love this guy
P.S. part two coming soon


SMBC Theater - Muggers

Comedy vs. IRL ---- IRL wins


Open Up a Locked Bag

How to get into luggage without leaving a trace
P.S. TSA has been using this trick for years
P.P.S Go play some tricks on your friends


Self Locking Biometric Wallet

Requires a finger swipe and they claim it is virtually indestructable
The best feature is the hookup to the bluetooth on your phone that will prompt the wallet to emit a siren noise if they become separated by 5 meters


My Morning Commute

He really loves that ass
Also...insert any quote from the last 30 minutes of Clerks 2


Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 Man Snowmobile Backflip at X Games 15

I dub thee....the Brotherly Love
The Moore Brothers layin it down
P.S. watch in full screen

U.S. Budget Explained....with Pennies

Budget + context = depression.....maybe just malaise

Torstein Horgmo Aces a Triple Cork at X Games

My money's on him for the first quad, too
Bonus video of the first attempt in there too


Kid Dunks Himself

Free your basketball and your ass will follow..
Also, there's a Yo dawg in here somewhere...just can't quite get my finger on it

So that's where you keep it.....


I would look forward to getting spammed if it was goofy shit like this


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me

Kraak & Smaak from WEAREWILL on Vimeo.

Funky 70's esque song with cool flip-book live action animations


Holy Crap They Really Did an Axe Cop Movie!

Axe Cop: The Movie - Part 1 from Peter Muehlenberg on Vimeo.

A little backstory; the 29 year old brother illustrates, the 5 year old brother does the dialog
P.S. no questions accepted on the age difference


5 Stages of Giraffe Grief

Giraffe in quicksand goes through the 5 stages of grief...kinda
P.S. I f**kin love giraffes...especially the ones that scream MF

Possessed Kitteh

Sorry, Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.
P.S. Kitteh = The Great Owl from The secret of Nimh?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hypnotoad Commands You to Wear Shirts that Honor Him

Pick one up at Presents: BIG K.R.I.T. & Grillade "Hometown Hero" Presents: BIG K.R.I.T. & Grillade "Hometown Hero" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Starts a little slow...then goes for it...this kid's got something

Incredible Stop Motion Video from Eatliz

Eatliz - Lose this child animation music video from Eatliz on Vimeo.

No words for this one.....


Jack Vale likes to go to stores and annoy people, the least you can do is watch
P.S. Wanna make your own pooter video


Rollin' da Bones

Probably fake - whatever - still funny


Freaky Basket

Ever see a 7-pointer? Scoreboard @ 0:17

Sam Raimi Discussing Evil Dead

P.S. Thanks UK for keeping the movie alive until it got here

Live TV + Tracy Morgan

Great for us, bad for TNT - which had to issue an apology


Glorious leader likes to look at things. Documentation here

Happy Axeiversary

Axe Cop is a year old! Read up on how it got this far

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Redbull BASE Huck

Redbull drink = meh
Anything Redbull sports does = f'n eh

If This is the Future......its Gonna Suck

Why Knot? he says......indeed


Minus the Bear - My Time - OMNI

This has been out for a while but I'm still into it every day...just like you should be


One Step Beyond Hoverboards

A Spike Jonze directed clip for Girl

I can't stop staring into those eyes......


Sampled Room

Sampled Room from Mateusz Zdziebko on Vimeo.

Cool electro beat with found objects
BTW looks really nice too

Space Hoppers in Venice

SPACE HOPPERS in VENICE from bayougirl on Vimeo.

From Vimeo creator bayougirl.....motorcycle noises already included


Dexter Parody

They really nailed the Deb and Masuka  characters....."Swear Word" "Sex"


Bath Salts?!?!

So apparently bath salts are the new crack
WTF when did this become a problem!?


Miami Piano Bar Explained

Teenager comes fwd with explanation for a grand piano found on a sandbar off of Miami
Backstory here


Goats x Super Mario Wall Jump

Add your own Boing! noises


Watsky Gettin Respect

Pale Kid raps here and there

Sponz 53 Singin the Blues

Street musician in Chattanooga

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Most coders are already pros at this anyways


Bollywood Robot(s)

This what Michael Bay dreams of.
P.S. I know it looks lame..just watch it...all of it


Atlanta Rail Jam

Distortion Boarding/Monster Energy Rail Jam at the 2011 Atlanta Boat Show from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.

Jibbin tha ATL boat show
TL;DW diggers @ 4:25


Harryhausen's Outback Showdown


The Thomas Beale Cipher

The Thomas Beale Cipher from Andrew S Allen on Vimeo.

Very Awesome video from Andrew Allen
Backstory here
Cryptograms yonder


New Web Comic - Ratfist!

Killer new webcomic. Just started a few weeks ago.....still time to catch up from the beginning


Wins All Around

 I love all those movies...


According to the movies, pretty sure that transformers approve of shitty parking jobs


Premakes by whoiseyevan

Awesome premake of Up!

More at the [borrowedfrom][andalso]

As half owner of Cdr. Bunbun.......chicks are weird about rabbits


Rich Pelligrino: Portraits

Awesomely cool portraits from your favorite movies


I'm Gipper -or- Famous for Getting Hit by an Ice Cream Truck

Tosh.0Tuesdays 10pm / 9c
Optimo 55 Souf - I'm Gipper
Tosh.0 VideosDaniel ToshWeb Redemption

Back story here


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleepy Kids will Sleep

A friends son doing some shopping...and cookie stuffing

Gotta Love Tilt Shift from Marc Bertel on Vimeo.
TL;DW  Trains @1:15  Construction@ 1:41

Grand Piano on a Sandbar

I'm betting on some artist gutted it and dragged it out there.....but the alternative is so much sweeter


Decemberists - The King is Dead

The new album dropped about a week ago - here's a taste
P.S. The whole album is fantastic

Davis Griffin is Stomping It

He doesn't give a fuck about knees either


Interwebs Update

So here is what the web has been up's been so long since you've seen each other

P.S. Props to Oatmeal for making the screen I hate the most much more explanatory


Lisa Graphjam

Truer words..........



Like a BOSS!

Banksy's American Cousin?

Stealthy sculpture drop-off...for the second time amazingly.


Best BurnOut Eva

Burn out, Flame on

[borrowed from]