Saturday, May 14, 2011

Little League Blooper

At least the ump didn't call him out.

Chain Reaction of Power Line Transformers Exploding

Ft. Worth power grid gets rocked by a storm on May 10. If you've never seen one of these transformers go, it is bright as the sun and one of the creepiest noises.

Check This Out....Water Burns

I want this in my car immediately.

Batman Not as Good of a Fighter as I Thought

So just because you dress up like Batman doesn't mean you have to be a BAMF - but at least learn how to not fight like a girl.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hilarious Kevin Nealon Prank Call

If that chick would just stop talking, maybe Kevin could get some business done.

Samurai Slices an Airsoft Pellet

This guy is a robot...has to be.

Surfing Darkslide

Last month Zoltan Torkos pulled (one of) the first surfing kickflips. This month he darkslides the lip.

Unreal Bike Stunts

These 2 German girls just out extremed everyone. I have never seen anyone ride a bike like this.

Stealth Dog

I love doing this to cats...and dogs....and kids...and the wife.

Longboarding in Claremont

These guys are absolutely batshit crazy. Looks to me like they are at least hitting 50mph. Cars move out of their way.

Supercar Explodes at the Start Line

Supercar in Perth stalls at the line, almost every car behind him notices.

Peoria Carp Slaughter

Those damn Asian carp really don't like the sound of boat motors, so much that it sends them launching into the air by the hundreds. The fix - put Shredder on some water-skis.

Country Boy Challenges Bark Collar

The beard and the Pabst really make the scene. I'm calling it a draw.

How to Troll Your Dog

All he wants is a treat.

Tornados in Alabama

That is the EF5 that hit Tuscaloosa. It literally destroyed 15th street like a bomb went off.
Well north of there, in my area, were plenty more smaller tornadoes, causing this clusterf**k...

Madison County and surrounding areas, around 1mil people, were without power for up to a week - and some are still waiting.