Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hotel | Pennsylvania. USA
Me: “Good evening, guest services. This is ***, how my I assist you?”
Guest: “This is absolutely ridiculous! You need to get someone up here right now! This God d*** microwave in my room isn’t working! You had better fix this immediately!”
(Note: our hotel does not have microwaves in guest rooms unless the person is a VIP or if they request one in advance.)
Me: “I am so sorry, Mr. ***. I can certainly have someone come take a look at it right away. If I may ask, did housekeeping bring this microwave to your room?”
Guest: “No! It’s the microwave that is in the room! My nachos have been in this d*** thing for over 20 minutes and they’re not even hot yet!”
Me: “I see, sir. Can you tell me where it’s located in your room?”
Guest: “It’s the one that’s right under the television! I want my nachos and you better figure this out now!”
Me: “Sir, is this microwave an off-white color with a keypad on the right of it?”
Guest: “Yes!”
Me: “There’s not a little window like a normal microwave would have, is there? It’s just a little digital display screen, right?”
Guest: “That’s exactly it. It only displays how long I set the time for! I want my nachos 20 minutes ago. Can you get someone up here immediately?! This is absurd!”
Me: “Again, sir, I apologize that your nachos are not hot. However, I believe I’ve figured out what the problem is. The device you’re placing your nachos in is actually your safe.”
Guest: “Oh…oh my God. I’m so f***ing stupid!”
(He actually called back down later and apologized.)


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